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Paul Sanders's Logbook
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20 Most Recent Logbook Entries:
Date Type Ident Route Flight Day
Approaches Night Cross
Solo PIC Dual Complex High
01/24/07PA28-181N2903AMYF-CMA-MYF3.1 2   3.13.1 3.13.1  Commercial Night X-Ctry Flight, 100 mi, 2hrs. Night landings, VOR tracking, Class B clearances.
02/21/07Frasca 142FR-142MYF-SDM-SEE-MYF    1.54    1.5  VOR@SDM w/MAP, DME Arc, Holds at Ryadh intersection, LOC@SEE partial panel, LOC@SEE, ILS@MYF partial panel
06/27/07C172NN2219EMYF-F70-MYF2.323   0.7  2.3   Not too bad considering the long break, did some touch and goes, and then stop, taxi backs for night currency
07/19/07C172RGN9725BMYF-SDM-MYF1.74      1.71.7 1.7 Flight review prep, steep turns, slow flight, takeoffs and landings. No stalls though.
09/26/07C172NN2219EMYF-SEE-MYF1.221 0.1 0.2  1.21.2  Flight review, steep turns and slow flight, stalls power on and off, simulated engine failure, unusual attitudes under the hood
10/16/07Frasca 142FR-142MYF-SDM-SEE-OKB-CRQ-SDM-MYF2.3   2.36    2.3  VOR@SDM, LOC@SEE, VOR@OKB w/hold, ILS@CRQ, VOR@SDM partial panel, LOC@MYF
03/18/08C172NN2726EMYF-IPL-BWC-MYF3.031   Back up in the air flight after illness etc.
05/01/08PA28-181N2903AMYF-OXR-MYF3.52   IFR in VFR conditions
05/21/08Frasca 142FR-142MYF-OKB-CRQ-SDM-MYF     6    1.9  6 approaches, holds. VOR@OKB w/holds, ILS@CRQ, LOC@SEE, VOR@SDM, LOC@MYF, ILS@MYF
08/20/08C172NN2726EMYF-SDM-MYF2.461   0.2 2.42.4   Power off stalls, steep turns, spirals, soft- and short- field landings. ILS@MYF in VFR night conditions
08/21/08C172RGN6291RMYF-MYF1.35 Steep turns, slow flight/turns @ MCA, landings, short-field, short approach, go-arounds.
09/09/08C172RGN9725BMYF-MYF1.61 COM Maneuvers, chandelles, lazy 8s, steep spirals, eights on pylons
09/23/08C172NN2726EMYF-SDM-MYF1.65      1.61.6   COM practice
01/13/09C172NN4922DMYF-MYF1.54  0.1    1.51.5  Miramar transition, steep turns, slow flight, approach and departure stalls, simulated instrument climbs descents turns, simulated emergency, landings, short field and soft field landings
01/14/09C172NN4922DMYF-MYF1.61  1.43   1.61.6  Holds at OCN, VOR at OKB, missed approach, ILS@CRQ missed approach, partial panel en-route, ILS@MYF
01/28/09PCATDPCATDMYF-OKB-SEE-MYF1.3    3    1.3  Garmin 430 Simulator - VOR app OKB with hold and missed, GPS Rwy 17 SEE with missed, ILS KMYF with GPS for enroute
04/28/09C172SPN487SPMYF-MYF1.61 0.8 2   1.61.6  IFR to KOKB, holds in IMC, VOR approach to missed, vectors, climbs, descents in IMC, ILS @ KMYF
05/05/09PA28-181N2903AMYF-RNM-MYF1.44       1.41.4  VFR checkout in Piper Archer, steep turns, slow flight, stalls, simulated engine out, soft and short field landings, short field takeoff
09/22/09C172NN4975FMYF-RNM-MYF1.44  0.1    1.41.4  Flight Review - steep turns, slow flight, stalls, hood work, soft and short field t/o and landings, emergency landing, no flap landing, crosswind landings - 40degs at 15kts
10/06/09PCATDPCATDSEE-OKB-CRQ-RNM-SEE-SDM-MYF2.4    6    2.4  VOR@OKB with holds, GPS@CRQ, GPS@RNM, GPS@SEE, VOR/GPS@SDM, ILS@MYF some autopilot, some without
20 6 10 13 35.2 44 8 0.8 5.5 30 4.8 9.6 12.2 29.2 24.1 4.6    
176 12 27 75 342.8 409 57 7.2 59.9 123 26.5 181.6 105.8 301.1 138.3 32.1 4.2  

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