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Scott Smith's Logbook
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The Year of 2003:
Date Type Ident Route Flight Day
Simulator Approaches Night Cross
Solo PIC SIC Dual Instrument
Complex High
G1000 Remarks
07/26/03C172NN734QFTZR-TZR0.61          0.6     Intro Flight w/ Jerry Kummer
08/06/03C172PN62266TZR-TZR0.93          0.9     Climbs, Descents, Level, Climbs, Turns, Pattern Work w/ Tyler Harriman
08/08/03C172NN1694ETZR-UYF-TZR1.02          1.0     Climbs, Turns, Descents, Slow Flight w/ Tyler Harriman
08/11/03C172KN78622TZR-TZR1.24          1.2     Slow Flight, Power On/Off Stalls, Pattern Work
08/16/03Frasca 141FRASCA141      1.1            Attitude instrument Flying, Climbs, turns, VOR Intercepts, Orientation, Triangulation, Compass Turns
08/22/03C150HN500373FD1-LCQ1.61      1.6   1.6     XC Flight Planning, Finding Airports, Dead Reconing, Pilotage w/ Mark R. Smith CFI
08/22/03C150HN50037LCQ-DBN2.11  1.0   2.1   2.1     XC Flight Planning, Finding Airports, Simulated Instrument w/ Mark R. Smith, CFI
08/22/03C150HN50037DBN-LZU1.11  0.8   1.1   1.1     XC Flight Planning, Simulated Instrument w/ Mark R. Smith CFI
08/22/03C150HN50037LZU-LZU1.51          1.5     Finding Airports, Climbs, Turns, Decents, CRM, Pilotage, WX Avoidance, w/ Mark R. Smith, CFI
08/23/03C150HN50037LZU-RKW2.01  1.0   2.0   2.0     XC Flight Planning, Pattern Engry, Simulated Instrument w/ Mark R. Smith, CFI
08/23/03C150HN50037RKW-I692.41  0.5   2.4   2.4     XC Flight Planning, Simulated Instrument w/ Mark R. Smith, CFI
08/23/03C150HN50037I69-TZR1.21      1.2   1.2     XC Flight Planning, Using Charts to Find Location w/ Mark R. Smith, CFI
08/23/03C150HN50037TZR-TZR0.21          0.2     Touch & Go, Pattern Work w/ Mark R. Smith, CFI
09/04/03C150HN50037TZR-TZR1.31          1.3     S-Turns, Turns Around a Point, Steep Turns, Stall On/Offs, Slow Flight w/ Tyler Harriman, CFI
09/06/03C150HN50037TZR-TZR1.33          1.3     Steep Turns, Stalls On/Off, Slow Flight, Slip, Go Around, EP, w/ Tyler Harriman
09/09/03C150HN50037TZR-TZR1.06          1.0     Normal T/O & Land, EP, w/ Tyler Harriman
09/11/03C150HN50037TZR-UYF-TZR1.48          1.4     Normal T/O & Landings
09/12/03C150HN50037TZR-UYF-TZR1.35          1.3     Normal & X-Wind T/O & Landing, Spins, EP, w/ Tyler Harriman
09/15/03C150HN50037TZR-TZR1.17          1.1     Normal T/O & Landing, EP, No Flap, Sim Engine Out w/ Tyler Harriman
09/17/03C150HN50037TZR-UYF-TZR1.36          1.3     Normal T/O & Landing, EP, No Flap, Sim Engine Out, w/ Tyler Harriman, CFI
09/18/03C150HN50037TZR-TZR0.53          0.5     Pre-Solo, Normal T/O Landing, EP
09/18/03C150HN50037TZR-TZR0.53       0.50.5       FIRST SOLO
09/21/03C150HN50037TZR-UYF-TZR1.26       1.21.2       Touch & Gos, Pattern Work
09/23/03C150HN50037TZR-TZR1.54       1.51.5       Pattern Work, turns, Normal T/O & Landing
09/25/03C150HN50037TZR-UYF-TZR1.44          1.4     Short & Soft T/O & Land, w/ Tyler Harriman
09/26/03C150HN50037TZR-UYF-TZR2.18       2.12.1       Pattern Work, Short & Soft T/O & Landing, Steep Turns, Power On/Off Stalls, Slips
09/27/03C150HN50037TZR-UYF-TZR1.14          1.1     Power On Stalls, Steep Turns, Short & Soft T/O & Landing, w/ Tyler Harriman
09/30/03C150HN50037TZR-TZR1.11          1.1     Turns Around Point, S-Turns, Steep Turns, Slow Flight, Power On Stall, Sim. Engine Out, w/ Tyler Harriman
10/01/03C150HN50037TZR-TZR0.3           0.3     Night Flight Intro, Inop Equipment before T/O, w/ Tyler Harriman
10/07/03C172NN5429EPSP-TRM-PSP1.55  0.2       1.5     VOR NAV to TRM, 4 Touch & Go's, Un-usual Attitudes Under the Hood, Full Stop Landing @ PSP, w/ Todd Barnes
10/10/03C172KN78622TZR-TZR1.11  0.3       1.1     VOR Tracking & Intercept (VR & IR), Unusual Attitudes (IR), w/ Tyler Harriman
10/13/03C172KN78622TZR-UYF-TZR1.12          1.1     Stalls On/Off, Slow Flight, Steep Turns, Sim. Engine Out, Slip To Land, Short T/O Landing, w/ Tyler Harriman
10/15/03C172PN62266TZR-UYF-TZR1.3 7    1.3    1.3     Night Intro, Local, Night Equipt & Procedures, Sim Eng Out, Sim Electric Failure, w/ Tyler Harriman
10/18/03C172RN9547WTZR-CMH-TZR1.05          1.0     Intro in Class C Airspace, Go-Around, Sim engine out, No Flap, w/ Tyler Harriman, CFI
10/20/03C172KN78622TZR-CMH-TZR0.82          0.8     Turns Around a Poing, S-Turns, X-Wind T/O & Landing, w/ Tyler Harriman
11/04/03C172NN4939GAVQ-TUS-AVQ1.5 5    1.5    1.5     Night Practice, 4 Night Controlled Twr Landings, 1 Uncontrolled Fld., w/ Terry Ketron
11/06/03C172MN9017HTUS-E63-TUS2.8 2    2.82.8   2.8     Night Cross Country; Pilotage, VOR Navigation, ATC Radar Services, Traffic, Patter Proc.
11/10/03C172RN9547WTZR-CMH-MRT-TZR1.1 3    1.1    1.1     Class C Ops, Uncontrolled Field, Pilotage
11/19/03C172KN84812TZR-TZR0.8 1    0.2    0.8     Short Field T/O, X-Wind Land, Stalls, On/Off, Steep Turns, S-Turns, EP (Sim-eng), Go Around, w/ Tyler Harriman
11/20/03C172KN84812TZR-TZR1.12          1.1     Soft Field T/O & Land, Stalls, On/Off, Slow Flight, S-turns, Turns Around a Point, EP (2), w/ Tyler Harriman, CFI
11/21/03C172KN84812TZR-SGH-I12-TZR1.73      1.7   1.7     Sim Engine out, go Around, Steep Turns, w/ Tyler Harriman
12/03/03C172KN84812TZR-SGH0.61          0.6     Pilotage to SGH
12/03/03C150HN50037SGH-TZR0.71          0.7     Pilotage, Slow Flight, Steep Turns, Stalls On/Off, w/ Tyler Harriman, CFI
12/04/03C150HN50037TZR-UYF-TZR1.54          1.5     Stalls On, Slow Flight, Steep Turns, Sim Engine Out to Land, Short & Soft T/O & Land
12/07/03C150HN50037TZR-UYF-TZR0.82       0.80.8       Soft Field T/O & Lanidng, Pattern Work
12/09/03C150HN50037TZR-TZR1.26          1.2     Turns Around a Point, S-Turns, Short & Soft T/O & Landing, w/ Tyler Harriman, CFI
12/17/03C150HN50037TZR-TZR1.13          1.1     Power On Stall, Accelerated Stall, Slow Flight, Steep Turns, Short & Soft Field T/O Land, w/ Tyler Harrman
12/18/03C150HN50037TZR-TZR1.17       1.11.1       Soft field, Short Field T/O & Landings, No Flap Landing
12/20/03C150HN50037TZR-MFD-TZR2.12      2.1   2.1     X-Country, Pilotage, Dead Reconing, Lost Procedure, Flight Following, Open/Closing Flight Plans, Modify Flight Plan, w/Tyler Harrman, CFI
12/26/03C150HN50037TZR-UYF-TZR1.78       1.71.7       Touch & Go's Patter & Radio Work
SoloPICSICDualInstrument InstructionCommercial InstructionComplexHigh PerformanceG1000Remarks
50 7 11 19 60.8 141 18 0.0 3.8 1.1 0 6.9 17.0 8.9 8.9 0.0 51.9            
402 14 19 225 497.0 629 224 26.1 55.8 1.1 87 123.2 247.1 182.0 422.0 0.0 114.5 22.4 27.8 22.0 1.5 2.0  

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