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Lode Karel Roels's Logbook
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Date Type Ident Route Flight Day
Night Cross
07/23/07C172NN5102EKCGC (Local)1.13      1.1 
07/23/07C172NN737KSKCGC (Local)1.24      1.2 
07/24/07C172NN5102EKCGC (Local)1.31      1.3 
07/25/07C172NN737KSKCGC (Local)1.14      1.1 
07/25/07C172NN737KSKCGC (Local)1.66      1.6 
07/26/07C172NN737KSKCGC (Local)1.24      1.2 
07/26/07C172NN737KSKCGC (Local)1.03      1.0 
07/27/07C172NN737KSKCGC (Local)1.35      1.3 
07/27/07C172MN1385UKCGC (LOCAL)1.56      1.5 
07/28/07C172MN1385UKCGC (LOCAL)1.13      1.1 
07/28/07C172NN5102EKCGC (LOCAL)-1.17      1.1 
07/29/07C172NN5102EKCGC (LOCAL)-1.56      1.5 
07/29/07C172NN5102EKCGC (LOCAL)-1.18      1.1 
07/30/07C172NN5102EKCGC (LOCAL)-0.64      0.6 
08/01/07C172NN5102EKCGC-KOCF1.32      1.3 
08/03/07C172NN5102EKCGC-KBKV-KCGC1.32      1.3 
08/03/07C172MN1385UKCGC (LOCAL)1.3 81.3    1.3 
08/06/07C172NN5102EKCGC-KCGC2.02  2.0   2.0KOCF-KGNV
08/06/07C172MN1385UKCGC-KCGC1.7 21.71.7   1.7OCF-GNV
08/07/07C172NN737KSKCGC (LOCAL)1.08      1.0 
08/07/07C172NN737KSKCGC (LOCAL)1.19      1.1 
08/08/07C172NN737KSKCGC (LOCAL)1.410      1.4 
08/08/07C172NN737KSKCGC (LOCAL)1.210      1.2 
08/08/07C172NN5102EKCGC (LOCAL)-1.110      1.1 
08/09/07C172NN5102EKCGC (LOCAL)-0.87      0.8 
08/09/07C172NN5102EKCGC (LOCAL)1.07   0.70.7 1.0SOLO!
08/10/07C172NN737KSKCGC (LOCAL)-1.26   0.40.4 1.2 
08/10/07C172NN737KSKCGC (LOCAL)-0.74   0.70.7 0.7 
08/10/07C172NN737KSKCGC-KCTY2.02  2.0   2.0 
08/11/07C172NN5102EKCGC (Local)1.02      1.0 
08/12/07C172NN5102EKCGC-KCTY-KCGC2.02 2.0 
08/12/07C172NN737KSKCGC (Local)1.18      1.1 
08/13/07C172NN5102EKCGC (Local)1.08      1.0 
08/13/07C172NN5102EKCGC (Local)3.25 3.2 
08/13/07C172NN737KSKCGC (LOCAL)0.53      0.5 
08/14/07C172NN5102EKCGC (Local)1.42      1.4 
08/15/07C172NN737KSKCGC-KX35-KCGC1.23      1.2FAA Practical Test!
08/15/07C172NN737KSKCGC (Local)1.44   1.41.4 1.4 
08/25/07C150MN704YAEBKT (Local)1.11    1.1 1.1Eerste keer Belgi´┐Ż (CFI: Stefan Vermaercke)
09/09/07C172MN9085HEBAW-EBZW1.03    1.0 1.0C172 Diesel met safety pilot
09/09/07C172MN9085HEBZW-EBAW1.11    1.1 1.1C172 Diesel met safety pilot
09/11/07AA5AN9920UEBAW (Local)1.55    1.5 1.5Checkout Grumman Cheetah
09/22/07AA5AN9920UEBAW (Local)1.31   1.31.3 1.3Solo in Belgium
10/06/07AA5AN9920UEBAW (Local)0.91   0.90.9 0.9Within CTR, returned because of low visibility
12/16/07AA5AN9920UEBAW (Local)2.01   2.02.0 2.0EBAW-COA-NIK-EBAW
02/15/08AA5AN9920UEBAW (Local)2.11   2.12.1 2.1EBAW-COA-AFI-EBAW
02/16/08AA5AN9920UEBAW-EBTN1.01   1.01.0 1.0Tienen Airfield!
02/16/08AA5AN9920UEBTN-EBAW1.12   1.11.1 1.1Terug via Oplinter
04/09/08AA5AN9920UEBAW-EBKT1.41 1.4To Kortrijk via COA
04/09/08AA5AN9920UEBKT-EBAW0.91 0.9Via Gent, Go Around at EBAW because of slow a/c backtracking on RWY
05/03/08AA5AN9920UEBAW-EBST0.71   0.70.7 0.7Air Show going on at Antwerp. A lot of people and traffic!
05/03/08AA5AN9920UEBST-EBAW0.61   0.60.6 0.6Back same way, two spitfires passing under me at KONTI
05/19/08AA5AN9920UEBAW-EBST0.71   0.70.7 0.7To St Truiden via Aarschot en FLO
05/19/08AA5AN9920UEBST-EBAW1.07   1.01.0 1.0A total of 6 Touch & Go's to practice
06/17/08AA5AN9920UEBAW-EBAW0.91   0.90.9 0.9A quick flight around the corner
06/28/08AA5AN9920UEBAW-EBLG0.81 0.8Landing behind a JetAir 737
06/28/08AA5AN9920UEBLG-EBTN0.51   0.50.5 0.5Via E40 highway to my home town Tienen
06/28/08AA5AN9920UEBTN-EBTN0.81    0.8 0.8Sightseeing with Myriam & Gemma (first time)
06/28/08AA5AN9920UEBTN-EBAW0.51   0.50.5 0.5Back to Antwerpen
08/02/08AA5AN9920UEBAW (Local)1.11   1.11.1 1.1Via Balen en Geel-Bel (huis Klaas)
08/09/08AA5AN9920UEBAW-EBSG0.71 0.7Very short runway at St Gishlain
08/09/08AA5AN9920UEBSG-EBAW0.71 0.7Back in a crowded airspace
09/11/08AA5AN9920UEBAW-EHMZ0.51   0.50.5 0.5Naar Midden Zeeland (NL), eerst keer Grass Strip
09/11/08AA5AN9920UEHMZ-EBAW0.61   0.60.6 0.6Back to Antwerpen same routing
09/20/08AA5AN9920UEBAW-EBOS0.81  0.8 0.8 0.8To Oostende with Theo
09/20/08AA5AN9920UEBOS-EBAW0.91  0.9 0.9 0.9Back via COA (Knokke) and Zeeland
10/20/08AA5AN9920UEBAW-EBAW1.11   1.11.1 1.1Some maneuvering around Hoogstraten
11/02/08AA5AN9920UEBAW-EBAW0.81    0.8 0.8With Gilles & Linde around Antwerpen (Haven-Brasschaat)
11/11/08C172MN1476UKPIE-Local2.38    2.3 2.3Check Out at CamsFlight with Larry Tellier
11/13/08C172MN8922VKPIE-Local1.512    1.5 1.5Touch&Go's at St .Petersburg International
11/16/08C172MN8922VKPIE-KCGC1.01 1.0Quick visit at Crystal River (Tom)
11/16/08C172MN8922VKCGC-KPIE1.25 1.2Back to KPIE via coastline and Indian Rocks Beach
11/19/08C172MN1476UKPIE-KX061.11 1.1To Arcadia (X06) at 7500 ft (record)
11/19/08C172MN1476UKX06-KPIE1.21 1.2Back via Venice & Sarasota
12/28/08AA5AN9920UEBAW-EBAW1.01   1.01.0 1.0Oefenen rond Terneuzen, -1 graad bij vertrek
01/24/09AA5AN9920UEBAW-EBAW1.01    1.0 1.0To Meerhout/Mol/Geel/Westerlo with my father
02/05/09AA5AN9920UEBAW-EBAW0.63   0.60.6 0.63 Touch&Go's in Antwerp
02/14/09AA5AN9920UEBAW-EBAW1.81    1.8 1.8Melle-Beernem-Zeebrugge-Terneuzen with Gunther
03/21/09AA5AN9920UEBAW-EBZW-EBAW1.81   1.81.8 1.8Low Pass at Genk-Zwartbergen
03/31/09AA5AN9920UEBAW-EBCI1.21   1.21.2 1.2To Charleroi (Ryanair Base) at 3000 ft via Brussels TMA!
03/31/09AA5AN9920UEBCI-EBAW0.91   0.90.9 0.9Back at 1400 ft in Class G (B737 above me)
04/05/09AA5AN9920UEBAW-EBAW1.51    1.5 1.5To Tongeren with Elke and Marleen
04/19/09AA5AN9920UEBAW-EBST1.03   1.01.0 1.0To ST Truiden, touch&go's and ice cream (with family)
04/19/09AA5AN9920UEBST-EBAW0.61   0.60.6 0.6Back to Antwerpen in calm airspace
05/06/09AA5AN9920UEBAW-EBAW1.31   1.31.3 1.3Via HSD and Etten-Leur
05/22/09C172PN96792KFIT-KORE-KFIT1.57    1.5 1.5BFR + Checkout with Ron of FCA
05/22/09C172PN96792KFIT-KFIT0.43    0.4 0.43 T/O and landings with Bart as pax
05/23/09C172PN96792KFIT-KFIT1.11    1.1 1.1Over Bart+Leen's house and via Lake back
05/24/09C152N69204KFIT-KFIT0.43   0.40.4 0.4Solo check out in C152
05/24/09C152N69204KFIT-KFIT1.11    1.1 1.1To Athol and Conneticut River with Bart
05/25/09C172PN96792KFIT-KBID1.21  1.2 1.2 1.2Block Island with Bart
05/25/09C172PN96792KBID-KFIT1.51  1.5 1.5 1.5Back via Newport Bridge
06/17/09AA5AN9920UEBAW-EBAW1.11   1.11.1 1.1Stroll around the corner via NIK, Zelzate and Gent
06/28/09AA5AN9920UEBAW-LFAC1.41 1.4Calais via KOK
06/28/09AA5AN9920ULFAC-EBAW1.61 1.6Cap Gris Nez - KOK - COA - NIK
07/15/09AA5AN9920UEBAW (Local)1.01   1.01.0 1.0To Goes and up to FL55
08/09/09AA5AN9920UEBAW-LFQJ0.91 0.9To Maubeuge via AFI + CIV
08/09/09AA5AN9920ULFQJ-EBAW0.81 0.8Back via Nivelles
08/22/09AA5AN9920UEBAW-LFAT1.61  1.6 1.6 1.6Le Touqet with Gilles
08/22/09AA5AN9920ULFAT-EBAW1.91  1.9 1.9 1.9Back from Le2K via Koksy and Costa (Coastline)
08/29/09AA5AN9920UEBAW-LFQA1.61  1.6 1.6 1.6To Reims with Marc (Champagne Trip)
08/30/09AA5AN9920ULFQA-EBAW1.61  1.6 1.6 1.6Back at FL95, personal record!
09/20/09AA5AN9920UEBAW (Local)0.61    0.6 0.6Jens, Laurien en Fien, around Antwerpen (Low Visibility)
103 6 10 48 120.0 294 10 3.0 35.7 49.6 79.8   120.0  
107 8 14 50 122.5 298 10 3.0 35.7 49.6 80.7 2.5 120.0  

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