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Brenor Brophy's Logbook
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The Year of 2004:
Date Type Ident Route Flight Day
Approaches Night Cross
Solo PIC Dual Complex Hi
01/10/04C182QN182AKRHV-RHV0.97      0.90.9  0.9    Some pattern work to run the engine after the Christmas break & oil change
01/17/04C172FRP-C1680RPMK-RPMK1.91       1.9       Sight seeing in the Philippines. Clark AFB, around Mt Pinatubo, Over Subic Bay, Corregidor Island and Manila Bay. With Aljess Lasmarias from Omni Aviation.
01/31/04C182QN182AKRHV-APC-RHV1.52  1.5    XC to Napa County. 1st VFR weather in a while, 1st anniversary of Private Pilot Checkride!
02/07/04C182QN182AKRHV-Q99-RHV1.12       1.11.1 1.1    Normal T/O,collision avoidance, chandelles, emergency descents, sim engine failure to landing. soft field landing. Grainne Gilvarry
02/08/04C182QN182AKRHV-RHV1.11       1.11.1 1.1    Normal T/O & climb, collision avoidance, lazy eights, steep pwr turns left and right, normal approach soft field landing. Grainne Gilvarry.
02/09/04C182QN182AKRHV-SMO-SBP-RHV5.53  5.5    XC to SMO, back via SBP. Flown IFR. Meets solo commercial long XC requirements.
02/12/04C182QN182AKRHV-SAC-RHV1.4 2  1.4    Night/Solo VFR XC to SAC
02/14/04C182QN182AKRHV-RHV2.01  1.33   2.02.0 2.0    1 ILS-31 SNS, missed & hold at MARNA, 1 VOR-13 SNS, 1 LOC-02 WVI. IPC with Dave Henderson.
02/28/04C182QN182AKRHV-CEC-RBL-RHV5.821  5.8    XC to Cresent City, then back via Red Bluff, Flown IFR, first solo actual for 2min
03/06/04C182QN182AKRHV-SBA2.01     2.0 2.02.0 2.0    2Hrs Day VFR Dual XC for CPL Requirements. Grainne Gilvarry
03/06/04C182QN182AKSBA-RHV2.2 1   2.22.2 2.22.2 2.2    2Hrs Night VFR Dual XC for CPL Requirements. Grainne Gilvarry
03/07/04C182QN182AKRHV-Q99-RHV1.12       1.11.1 1.1    Chandelles, Lazy Eights, Slow Flight, Pwr Off Stalls/Recovery, Short Field TO, Soft Field Landing. Grainne Gilvarry.
03/13/04C182QN182AKRHV-Q99-RHV1.16       1.11.1 1.1    Soft field TO + Landing, Sim engine failure to landing, Go around, Normal approach & landing. Grainne Gilvarry.
03/21/04C182QN182AKRHV-RHV1.61 0.3 2   1.6  1.6    1 ILS-31 SNS, 1 VOR-13 SNS. Safety Pilot: Grainne Gilvarry.
03/27/04C182QN182AKRHV-RHV0.81      0.80.8  0.8    Solo practice chandells and emergency descent, bumpy.
03/28/04C182QN182AKRHV-RDD-RHV3.62  3.6    XC to Redding VFR
03/29/04C182QN182AKRHV-MRY-RHV1.42       1.4  1.4    Trip to Monterey with Tai, his brother & sister in law.
04/04/04C182QN182AKRHV-MRY-RHV1.72       1.7  1.7    IFR to MRY with Bruce, Howie & Jeff. Vis App on arrival, 2min Actual on MRY-8 Departure.
04/10/04C182QN182AKRHV-Q99-RHV1.12       1.11.1 1.1    Eights on pylons, soft field t/o & landing. No flap approach & landing. Grainne Gilvarry.
04/11/047ACN2805ERHV-RHV1.41        1.4  1.4   Intro tail wheel. Taxi, take-off, coordination, turns, stalls, emergencies. Bob Goodwyn.
04/17/047ACN2805ERHV-RHV1.31        1.3  1.3   T/O, coordination, stalls, slips, high speed taxi. Bob Goodwyn
04/18/04C182RGN7383XRHV-Q99-RHV1.57    Short/Soft T/O & Landing. Normal approach & landing, Go Around x2. Granne Gilvarry.
04/24/04C182QN182AKRHV-CPU-RHV1.82  1.8    XC to Calaveras County Airport to see the Spitfire Aircraft Company's prototype
04/25/04C182QN182AKRHV-HAF-RHV1.22       1.2  1.2    Half Moon Bay with Enda for Pacific Coast Dream Machines - Saw an Me109 and more P51's than I could count.
05/01/04C182QN182AKRHV-Q99-RHV1.43       1.41.4 1.4    Soft filed Landing, Short field T/O & landing, Chandelles, Lazy Eights, Steep Turns. Grainne Gilvarry.
05/02/047ACN2805ERHV-RHV1.45        1.4  1.4   High speed taxi, power-off approach, normal take-off and landing. Bob Goodwyn.
05/08/047ACN2805ERHV-RHV1.714        1.7  1.7   Touch & Go's, airspeed covered, go around. Bob Goodwyn.
05/09/04C182QN182AKRHV-RHV1.91  1.43   1.91.9 1.9    1 ILS-31 SNS, 1 VOR-12 SNS, 1 LOC-02 WVI. Max Trescott.
05/09/047ACN2805ERHV-RHV1.212        1.2  1.2   3-Point power off landings. Bob Goodwyn.
05/15/047ACN2805ERHV-RHV1.812        1.8  1.8   Go around procedures, normal T/O & landing. Short field T/O & landing. Bob Goodwyn.
05/31/04C182QN182AKRHV-3O7-RHV1.12      1.11.1  1.1    Down to Hollister to warm up the engine after a couple of week break.
06/05/04C182QN182AKRHV-RHV1.155   1.0 1.11.1  1.1    Solo pattern work. All landings all to a full stop & with a full circuit of the traffic pattern.
06/12/04C182TN119AZRHV-1C9-RHV2.13       2.12.1 2.1    Steep Turns, Slow Flight, Power On/Off Stalls, Enginer out procedures, Soft field T/O & Landing. Frank Kunzfeld.
06/19/04C182TN119AZRHV-E16-RHV1.35       1.31.3 1.3    GPS Procedures, Autopilot, Go Around, Short/Soft Landing/Take-off, No Flap Landing, Engine failure to landing. Frank Kunzfeld.
06/20/04C182TN119AZRHV-MHV2.01     2.0 2.0  2.0    XC with Dan Morris down to Mojave to see the launch of Burt Rutans SpaceShipOne. Flew IFR.
06/21/04C182TN119AZMHV-RHV2.01     2.0 2.0  2.0    Return XC with Dan Morris after a spectactular launch.
06/30/04C182QN182AKRHV-RHV1.15      1.11.1  1.1    Pattern work for post annual flight test.
07/02/04C182QN182AKRHV-PSP3.51     3.5 3.5  3.5    XC to Palm Springs for 4th July break. IFR.
07/05/04C182QN182AKPSP-RHV2.91     2.9 2.9  2.9    XC return from Palm Springs. VFR.
07/11/04C182QN182AKRHV-E16-RHV1.22       1.21.2 1.2    Power On/Off Stalls, Steep Turns, Emergency Descent, Soft Field T/O & Landing, Short Field T/O. Lost ALT on way back to RHV. Grainne Gilvarry.
07/18/04M20JN401RKRHV-WVI-RHV1.92    Slow Flight, Power On/Off Stalls, Steep Turns, Gear Emergency Extension, Climbs, Cruse, Descent, Normal T/O & Landing. Frank Kunzfeld.
07/19/04M20JN401RKRHV-E16-RHV1.89    T/O & landing, Short/Soft Field. Frank Kunzfeld.
07/23/04M20JN401RKRHV-E16-RHV2.85 0.80.73    IFR - Intercepting, Approaches; 2 LOC-02 WVI, 1 NDB-02 WVI, Emergency Landings, No-Flap Landings. Finished WINGS Phase I. Frank Kunzfeld.
07/24/04C182QN182AKRHV-RHV1.455   0.9 1.41.4  1.4    Solo pattern work. All landings to a full stop with a circuit of the traffic pattern.
07/25/04C182QN182AKRHV-E16-RHV1.64      1.61.6  1.6    Slow Flight, Power On/Off Stalls, Steep Turns, Eights on Pylons, Short/Soft T/O & Landing.
07/29/04C182QN182AKRHV-MRY-RHV1.72       1.7  1.7    Down to MRY with Tai & Long to visit the MBA, back via HAF, but too cloudy to land.
07/30/04C182QN182AKRHV-WVI-RHV1.52 0.5 2   1.5  1.5    1 VOR 13 SNS, Hold at MARNA, 1 LOC 02 WVI, Circling approach to full stop landing. Flew/Landed right seat back to RHV. Safety Pilot: Grainne Gilvarry.
08/07/04PA28-161SE-LGRESBB-ESBB1.41       1.41.4      Sightseeing around Stockholm, Sweden.
08/21/04C182QN182AKRHV-WVI-RHV1.02       1.0  1.0    Down to WVI with Tai, his brother and niece.
08/22/04C182QN182AKRHV-RHV1.61 0.4 3   1.6  1.6    2 ILS-10R MRY, 1 VOR 13 SNS. With Grainne Gilvarry.
09/05/04C182QN182AKRHV-SBA-LPC-RHV4.321   1.54.3 4.3  4.3    Down to SBA with Bruce & Howi, Stopped by Lompoc for dinner with Bruces's parents, then back to RHV.
09/06/04C182QN182AKRHV-HAF-RHV1.12       1.1  1.1    Crab run with Tai to Half Moon Bay
09/12/04C182QN182AKRHV-WLW-RHV2.52  2.5    Solo XC to Willows-Glenn Co Airport to check out Nancy's - Good food.
09/19/04C182QN182AKRHV-RHV1.71 0.5 2   1.7  1.7    1 ILS-31 SNS, 1 VOR-13, Safety Pilot: Grainne Gilvarry.
09/26/04C182QN182AKRHV-OVE-O61-RHV2.83  2.8    Solo XC to Oroville & Cameron Airpark
09/29/04C182QN182AKRHV-MHV-RHV2.6 1   2.02.6 2.6  2.6    XC to Mojave to first SpaceShipOne X-Prize launch. Flew 2.0 on the way down, and 0.6 of the return, Grainne flew the rest.
10/04/04C182QN182AKRHV-MHV2.3 10.1  2.32.3 2.3  2.3    IFR with IMC departure from RHV. XC to MHV for second X-Prize launch with Grainne.
10/09/04C182QN182AKRHV-WVI-HAF-RHV1.83       1.8  1.8    Took Odelia down to WVI for lunch, then back via a stop at HAF.
10/24/04C182QN182AKRHV-MRY-SMO-RHV5.83 0.6  5.8  2IFR, Angel Flight with 2 passengers MRY-SMO
10/30/04C182QN182AKRHV-OAK-CEC-RHV5.8210.1  5.8  1IFR, Angel Flight, 1 Passenger, OAK-CEC. ILS-27R OAK, ILS-30L SJC.
10/31/04C182QN182AKRHV-2O11.71  1.7    XC to Quincy for Angel Flight pick-up. Solo.
10/31/04C182QN182AK2O1-FAT1.91 0.1 1 1.9 1.9  1.9  1Angel Flight, 1 passenger. IMC on arrival at FAT, got clearance and shot NDB-29L FAT Approach. ILS out of service.
10/31/04C182QN182AKFAT-RHV1.11  1.1    XC back to RHV. Solo.
11/14/04C182QN182AKRHV-MFR-RHV5.52     5.5 5.5  5.5  2IFR, Angel Flight, 2 passengers, MFR-RHV. Grainne went as Co Pilot.
11/23/04C182RGN7383XRHV-E16-RHV1.94    Slow flight, power-on/off stalls, steep turns, chandells, lazy eights, eights on pylons, short/soft TO/Landing. Grainne Gilvarry.
11/24/04C182RGN7383XRHV-TCY-RHV2.02    Diversion, chandelles, lazy eights, slow flight, power on/off stalls & recovery, steep turns. sim engine failure to go around, no flap approach & landing. Grainne Gilvarry.
11/26/04C182QN182AKRHV-E16-RHV1.55      1.51.5  1.5    Slow flight, power off stall, steep turns, chandelles, lazy eights, sprial descent, sim engine failure to landing x2, short/soft TO/landing.
11/27/04C182QN182AKRHV-RHV0.74       0.70.7 0.7    Short/soft TO/Landing, Slip, 180 power off accuracy approach. Max Trescott.
11/28/04C182QN182AKRHV-2O12.11  2.1    XC to Quincy for an Angel Flight pick-up, 70 Knot head wind over mountains.
11/28/04C182QN182AK2O1-FAT1.51     1.5 1.5  1.5  1Angel Flight, 1 passenger.
11/28/04C182QN182AKFAT-RHV1.21  1.2    XC back to RHV. Solo.
12/04/04C182QN182AKRHV-1C9-RHV1.52     1.5 1.51.5 1.5    Slow flight, power on/off stalls, steep turns, chandelles, lazy eights, emergency app to landing, eights on pylons, soft field TO/landing. Max Trescott.
12/11/04C182RGN7383XRHV-E16-RHV2.04      2.02.0 2.02.0    Slow flight, power on/off stalls, steep turns, chandelles, steep spiral descent, lazy eights, eights on pylons, short/soft T/O & landing, precision power-off landing.
12/13/04C182RGN7383XRHV-MHR1.01 1.01.0    XC to MHR for Commercial Checkride. IFR, Solo.
12/13/04C182RGN7383XMHR-RIU-MHR1.64       1.6 1.61.6    Commercial ASEL Flight Test. Passed. Paul Bigler.
12/13/04C182RGN7383XMHR-RHV1.01 0.1 1.01.0    XC back to RHV after passing!. IFR to VFR on top. Solo.
SoloPICDualComplexHi PerfTail WheelRight SeatAngel FlightAF PassRemarks
76 7 7 37 148.3 210 18 3.5 3.4 21 14.4 78.8 50.9 139.5 43.9 17.5 136.2 8.8   5 7  
286 15 23 93 492.6 774 54 5.9 59.6 125 38.8 201.8 120.7 406.9 200.7 35.1 345.8 24.9 3.5 12 21  

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