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Brenor Brophy's Logbook
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Cessna C172N:
Date Type Ident Route Flight Day
Approaches Night Cross
Solo PIC Dual Complex Hi
07/28/02C172NN5766JRHV-RHV0.91        0.9      First demo flight
07/29/02C172NN739YERHV-RHV0.91        0.9      Straight & Level, climbs, descents & turns
08/01/02C172NN4754DRHV-RHV1.11    0.3   1.1      Normal T/O, Gliding, Go-Around, Normal approach & landing
08/07/02C172NN4754DRHV-3O7-RHV1.61    0.2   1.6      Slow Flight, Power On/Off Stalls, Traffic patterns, Normal approach & landing
08/10/02C172NN739YERHV-Q99-RHV1.31  0.3     1.3      Hood work, SR turns, climbs, descents, gliding, traffic pattern, go aroundx1, Normal approach & landing
08/12/02C172NN8276ERHV-RHV1.51    0.2   1.5      Gnd ref - turns around a pt, s-turns, gliding, normal approach & landing
08/15/02C172NN5766JRHV-LVK-RHV1.12    0.2   1.1      Steep turns, Pilotage to LVK, Traffic pattern, T&Gx1, normal approach & landing
08/21/02C172NN5766JRHV-RHV1.31        1.3      Sim engine failurex3, sim electrical failure, go aroundx2, normal approach & landing
08/22/02C172NN5766JRHV-RHV1.07        1.0      Intro to pattern work, T&Gx7, go aroundx3
08/24/02C172NN5766JRHV-RHV1.36        1.3      Traffic pattern work, go aroundx2
08/27/02C172NN5766JRHV-RHV1.31    0.3   1.3      Slow flight, power on/off stalls, Hood work - CA descents, turns to headings, no flap approach & landing
09/18/02C172NN5766JRHV-RHV1.4 1   0.3   1.4      Slow flight, power on/off stalls & steep turns
09/19/02C172NN5766JRHV-RHV1.3 1   0.2   1.3      Slow flight, power on/off stalls, steep turns, engine out ops
09/21/02C172NN5766JRHV-LVK-RHV1.45        1.4      Pilotage to LVK, Radio ops, T&Gx2, traffic pattern work, sim engine failure to go around, sim pitot static failure
09/22/02C172NN5766JRHV-Q99-RHV1.46        1.4      Pilotage to Q99, traffic pattern work, T&Gx4, sim engine failure to go around
09/24/02C172NN4754DRHV-RHV1.461   0.3   1.4      Traffic pattern work, go aroundx3, no flap approach to go around
09/25/02C172NN4754DRHV-RHV1.161   0.3   1.1      Traffic pattern work, go around & T&G
09/27/02C172NN5766JRHV-RHV0.941   0.1   0.9      Traffic pattern work
09/30/02C172NN5766JRHV-RHV1.26        1.2      Traffic pattern work
10/03/02C172NN5766JRHV-LVK-RHV1.34        1.3      Pilotage to LVK, traffic pattern work, T&Gx3, slow flight, power on/off stalls
10/05/02C172NN5766JRHV-RHV1.19        1.1      Traffic pattern work
10/06/02C172NN739YERHV-Q99-RHV1.34        1.3      Sim engine failure at altitudex2, sim engine failure in patternx2
10/08/02C172NN4754DRHV-Q99-RHV1.33        1.3      Pre-solo stage check, slow flight, power on/off stalls, steep turns, emergency procedures, pattern work
10/10/02C172NN5766JRHV-RHV1.46      1st Solo!
10/12/02C172NN4754DRHV-RHV1.25      1.21.2       Traffic pattern work
10/13/02C172NN4754DRHV-RHV0.96      0.90.9       Traffic pattern work
10/14/02C172NN4754DRHV-3O7-Q99-RHV1.75      Pilotage to 3O7, solo checkout
10/19/02C172NN5766JRHV-MER-RHV2.02     2.0  2.0      Pilotage, DR, flight following radio ops, VOR orientation interception & tracking, engine failure, go around, forward slip
10/21/02C172NN4754DRHV-RHV1.46  0.5     1.4      Unusual attitudes & recovery, hood work, CA climbs & SR turns, sft/sht TO/Lnd
10/22/02C172NN4754DRHV-SJC-RHV0.9 6   0.9   0.9      Class C intro, sim engine failurex2, no flap approach to landingx2, traffic pattern work
10/24/02C172NN5766JRHV-RHV0.97        0.9      Short & Soft TO & landing
10/26/02C172NN5766JRHV-Q68-O20-RHV2.94  0.6  2.9  2.9      Pilotage, DR, VOR tracking, diversion, flight following, go aroundx2, hood work
10/27/02C172NN739YERHV-Q99-RHV1.44      1.41.4       Steep turns, forward slip, short field landing
10/28/02C172NN8276ERHV-Q99-RHV1.13      1.11.1       Slow flight, steep turns, forward slip, traffic pattern work
10/30/02C172NN5766JRHV-APC-RHV1.8 2   1.81.8  1.8      Night XC, VOR tracking, flight following, sim engine failure to landing
10/31/02C172NN5766JRHV-RHV1.510      1.51.5       Short & soft TO & landing, go arrounds
11/02/02C172NN739YERHV-MRY-RHV2.02  0.4     2.0      Stage II check
11/03/02C172NN5766JRHV-2Q3-RHV2.22       Solo XC
11/11/02C172NN4754DRHV-STS-RHV2.62       Solo XC
11/14/02C172NN5766JRHV-SBP-KIC-RHV3.83       Long solo XC
11/17/02C172NN739YERHV-RHV1.33        1.3      Short/Soft TO & landing, no flap landing, steep turns, slow flight, power on/off stalls
11/18/02C172NN739YERHV-PAO-RHV1.13  0.5     1.1      Soft field landingx2, hood work - CA climbs, turns to headings, unusual attitudes recovery, diversion to PAO
11/25/02C172NN5766JRHV-Q99-RHV1.341   0.3   1.3      Power on stalls, sim engine failurex2, slow flight
11/30/02C172NN5766JRHV-RHV1.36      1.31.3       Pattern work
12/01/02C172NN5766JRHV-7C9-RHV1.93  0.3     1.9      Stage III check, stalls & recovery, slow flight, steep turns, short & soft TO & landing, Sim engine failure, no flap landing, IR basic, unusual attitudes
12/07/02C172NN4754DRHV-WVI-RHV1.33        1.3      Slow flight, power off stals, steep turns, turning stalls pwr on & off
12/08/02C172NN4754DRHV-TCY-RHV1.12        1.1      Short field TO, diversion to TCY, sim engine failure to landing, no flap landing
01/11/03C172NN4754DRHV-WVI-RHV1.23        1.2      Short & soft TO & landing, sim engine failurex2,x-wind landing, sim pitot static failure, diversion to WVI
01/12/03C172NN4754DRHV-3O7-RHV1.13  0.4     1.1      Soft field TO & landing, hood work, sim engine failurex2, go around, steep turns, forward slip
01/18/03C172NN739YERHV-Q99-RHV1.64        1.6      Test prep, slow flight, power on/off turning stalls & recovery, steep turns, engine out ops, short & softs
01/25/03C172NN4754DRHV-Q99-RHV1.35        1.3      Short & soft landings, no flpa landing, turns around a point
01/31/03C172NN4754DRHV-Q99-RHV1.54  0.2    1.5       Private Pilot Checkride - Passed!
02/09/03C172NN4754DRHV-RHV0.81       0.8       First Passenger - Tai, sightseeing Lick around Mission Peak
03/09/03C172NN5766JRHV-HAF-RHV2.02       2.0       Sightseeing up the coast - Santa Cruz to HAF, back via SJC Class C
03/16/03C172NN5766JRHV-OAR-RHV1.62       1.6       Sightseeing & Lunch at Marina, Back via Santa Crux & SJC Class C
03/20/03C172NN739YERHV-RHV0.7 4   0.7 0.70.7       Night pattern work - 4 landings to full stop, 1 go-around
03/29/03C172NN739YERHV-AUN-RHV2.72     2.7 2.7       XC for lunch with Pipat, VOR & Airway Nav practice
03/30/03C172NN739YERHV-1O2-VCB-RHV3.83     3.8 3.8       Across SJC class C, north past Golden Gate Bridge in SFO class B, Lunch at Lampson Field, Back via Nut Tree to RHV
04/19/03C172NN5766JRHV-3O7-KIC-RHV2.53     2.5 2.5       Lunch in Hollister with Pat & Jake then King City to log as XC
04/20/03C172NN739YERHV-O22-RHV2.22     2.2 2.2       XC to Columbia for lunch with Enda, Nice forward slip entering right base for 31R from Mt Hamilton
04/27/03C172NN739YERHV-HAF-RHV1.92      1.91.9       Over SJC to HAF for Pacific Dream Machines show, back via WVI & Q99
05/10/03C172NN4754DRHV-0Q5-1O2-RHV5.23     5.2 5.2       Through SFO class B, north to Shelter Cove for lunch with Enda, back via Lamson Field (2x Go Around)
05/11/03C172NN5766JRHV-MER-O68-RHV2.83       Solo XC to Castle AFB then to Mariposa for Lunch, Back to RHV via Mt Hamilton
05/18/03C172NN5766JRHV-OAR-RHV2.59      2.52.5       Brunch at OAR with some practice landings - No flap & crosswind
05/25/03C172NN739YERHV-Q99-RHV1.57      1.51.5       Practice pattern work at South County
06/14/03C172NN5766JRHV-RHV1.31       1.3       Joy ride with Kelly, down around Hollister, back via Calaveras
SoloPICDualComplexHi PerfTail WheelRight SeatAngel FlightAF PassRemarks
66 1 4 25 105.6 226 18 0.0 3.2 0 6.1 34.5 26.8 50.4 55.2              
286 15 23 93 492.6 774 54 5.9 59.6 125 38.8 201.8 120.7 406.9 200.7 35.1 345.8 24.9 3.5 12 21  

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