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Steve DiLullo's Logbook
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20 Most Recent Logbook Entries:
Date Type Ident Route Flight Day
Night Cross
Solo PIC SIC Dual Instructor Passenger(s) Safety
10/10/13C172HN2814LMGY-DAY-MGY0.9 3 0.9  0.9 0.9Jamie  CAVU, Partial Moon, Super Smooth, Towered Night Landings, 3 Stop & Go Landings at DAY
10/11/13C172HN2814LMGY-40I-MGY0.52    0.20.5   Jamie Takeoff at Sunrise, CAVU, Fog Over Little Miami, Perfect Morning, Picked Jamie Up
10/27/13C150JN6033840I-I74-40I1.52     1.5   Gary G. Flew to Urbana with Gary, Lots of Ice/Frost to Clear from 150, Clear, Smooth, Free Slice of Pie!
11/03/13J3C-85N9828640I1.25    0.41.2   Gina, Dave R. * Formation w/Stearman, Fall Colors w/Gina, Sightseeing, Pattern, Short/Soft/Normal T&L, Go-Around, Sim. Engine-Out Landings
12/27/13J3C-85N9828640I1.15    1.11.1     Pattern, Short/Soft/Normal T&L, Sim. Engine-Out, Power-On/Off Stalls, Falling Leaf, Steep Turns, Steep Spiral, Dutch Rolls, Great Climb - 1,800 ft @ Departure End of Rwy
12/28/13C172HN2814L40I-1G3-40I3.92   3.9 3.9   Gina Visited Mammelle & Uncle Nick in Akron, 25+ kt Tailwind There / Headwind Back, CAVU, Smooth, Greased Both X-Wind Landings, Landed at Stewart Past Sunset
01/01/14C172HN2814L40I-MWO-40I0.82     0.8   Gina New Year's Breakfast w/Gina, Tommy (Fly Baby), Jamie (T-Craft), and Steve T. (Cub) - 25 Degrees, Smooth, Go-Around
02/28/14J3C-85N9828640I1.04    1.01.0     Cold (34 deg), CAVU, CC Lake Frozen, Pattern, T+L, 8 kt X-Wind, Dutch Rolls, Power On/Off Stalls, Steep Turns, Wingovers
04/06/14J3C-85N9828640I1.19    1.11.1     Pattern, Windy, Very Soft Field T&L, Steep Spiral
04/08/14C172HN2814LMGY-LUK-MGY1.913 1.3  1.9 1.9Jamie  Flew to FAA Safety Seminar, Hazy/Light Rain, 10-15 Mile Visibility at Night, Windy on Final at MGY
04/21/14J3C-85N9828640I0.51     0.5   Mike C Got Mike Back in the Air, Door Open, Calm, Flew Low Over CC Lake, Low Pass at Gliderport, Greaser @ Stewart
05/20/14J3C-85N9828640I0.81     0.8   Gina Birthday Flight w/Gina, Steep Turns, TP Streamers, Low Approach, Total Greaser
05/24/14C150JN6033840I-AXV1.63   1.0 1.6   Gina, 2 Kids * Marty's Birthday/Moving BBQ w/Gina, Slightly Bumpy, Flew Two Kids at AXV
05/25/14C150JN60338AXV-40I1.01   1.0 1.0   Gina Flew Home From Marty's w/Gina, Smooth, Clear, Gorgeous Morning
07/04/14J3C-85N9828640I0.61     0.6   Lauren Formation w/Tommy in Fly Baby, Took Lauren Flying, Steep Turns, Steep Spiral, Absolutely Perfect CAVU, Greaser
07/25/14J3C-85N9828640I0.33    0.30.3     Quick Currency, Normal/Short/Soft T&L, Power-Off 180
08/01/14J3C-85N9828640I0.33    0.30.3     Pattern, T&L, Power-Off 180, Better Takeoffs Than Last Flight
08/01/14C172HN2814L40I-MGY0.913 0.6 0.90.9     Night Currency, Pattern, T&L, Smooth Landings
08/02/14C172HN2814LMGY-40I0.53    0.50.5     Flew Plane Home, 2 Touch & Gos at MGY, Short Field Landing
08/15/14R182N757YGMGY0.8       0.8   Safety Pilot for Mike / Approaches at MWO, RID, MGY
20 4 4 12 21.2 49 9 0.0 2.8 5.9 5.8 20.4 0.8 2.8 2 10 1  
243 10 12 73 312.3 797 34 4.7 14.7 106.7 73.7 259.9 7.1 71.8 60 110 12  

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