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Steve DiLullo's Logbook
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20 Most Recent Logbook Entries:
Date Type Ident Route Flight Day
Night Cross
Solo PIC SIC Dual Instructor Passenger(s) Safety
05/15/15C172HN2814L40I0.75    0.70.7     Couldn't Fly to NY, Short/Soft/Normal T&L, Power-Off 180
05/20/15J3C-65N7750040I0.63     0.6   Gina Annual Birthday Flight w/Gina, Flew Over Costco, T&L, Short Field, Power-Off Full Slip Landing from Downwind, Beat Incoming Rain
05/24/15J3C-85N9828640I1.53     1.5   Abby, Rob, Lauren Sightseeing / CC Lake, Steep Turns, Steep Spirals, Direct 10 kt Crosswind
06/03/15J3C-85N9828640I1.42     1.4   Chad, Gary G. * Chad's First Cub Flight, Sightseeing Over CC Lake & King's Island, Low Approach, Power-Off 180 / Full Slip w/Gary
08/12/15J3C-65N7750040I0.53    0.50.5     Knocking the Rust Off, Direct 11-12 kt X-Wind, T&L, Pattern, One Greaser
08/23/15J3C-85N9828640I1.03     1.0 1.0Mike  BFR, Slow Flight, Stalls, Steep Turns, T&L, S-Turns, Sim. Engine-Out, Go Around
09/13/15C172HN2814L40I-BAK-40I2.12   2.1 2.1   Gina Brunch @ Hangar 5 w/Gina, Bumpy, Great Visibility, Strong X-Winds
09/15/15C172HN2814L40I1.11     1.1   Lorraine, Joe M. * Sightseeing w/Lorraine & Joe, Greene, Office, Downtown Dayton. Miamisburg, King's Island, Smooth Landing
09/18/15C172HN2814L40I-AZO2.01   2.0 2.0   Gina Flew to Kalamazoo, Marginal VFR from FWA to AZO, Smooth Landing
09/20/15C172HN2814LAZO-40I2.82   2.2 2.8   Gina, Jeff, Cassie * Took Jeff & Cassie Flying, Flew Over Campus, Smooth CAVU at First, Broken Clouds and Bumps After AXV
09/22/15J3C-85N9828640I1.11     1.1   Tyler * Sightseeing w/Tyler, Flew Over CC Lake, Downtown Dayton, Power-Off Stall, Steep Turn, Steep Spiral, Power-Off 180, Go Around
09/27/15C172HN2814L40I-MGY0.913 0.6 0.90.9     Night Currency, Bumpy, 9 kt Crosswind, Supermoon & Lunar Eclipse
09/28/15C172HN2814LMGY-40I0.51    0.50.5     Flew Back to Stewart, Had to Let Fog Burn Off
10/04/15J3C-85N9828640I1.01     1.0   Austin * Took Austin Flying, Flew Over CC Lake, Germantown, Steep Turn, Power-Off Stall
10/26/15J3C-85N9828640I0.81     0.8   Gina Fall Foliage w/Gina, CAVU, Power-Off 180
11/15/15J3C-85N9828640I0.76    0.70.7     Pattern, Short/Soft/Normal T&L, Go Around, Power-Off 180
12/17/15J3C-85N9828640I1.01     1.0   Mike Sightseeing w/Mike, Flew Over UD, Downtown, Windy, Bouncy Landing
02/05/16C172HN2814L40I0.63    0.60.6     Soft Field X-Wind T&L, Grass Quite Squishy
04/05/16J3C-85N9828640I-MGY-40I1.06     1.0 1.0Tommy  T&L Practice w/Tommy, Sim. Engine-Out, CAVU, Beautiful Sunset
05/22/16J3C-65N7750040I0.83     0.8   Gina Belated Birthday Flight, 10 kt Direct X-Wind, CAVU
20 3 3 7 22.1 49 3 0.0 0.6 6.3 3.9 22.1 0.0 2.0 2 12    
275 10 12 76 349.9 872 41 4.7 16.3 121.8 84.8 297.5 7.1 73.8 62 129 12  

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