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20 Most Recent Logbook Entries:
Date Type Ident Route Flight Day
Night Cross
Solo PIC SIC Dual Cost Remarks
03/31/07C172NN737DUMDW-JOT-MDW2.010        2.0$366.11Landings, Soft field takeoffs, pattern entry, pilotage -- with Ryan
04/05/07C172NN739AGMDW-IGQ-MDW2.010  0.2     2.0$333.46XWind Landings, Pilotage, No-Flap Landings, Sim. Engine Failures, Go-Arounds, Soft-field t/o, hood time - With Ryan
04/10/07C172NN739AGMDW-ARR-JOT-LOT-MDW1.94        1.9$322.19Pilotage, airport-to-airport, x-wind t/o and landing -- with Ryan
04/23/07C172NN737DUMDW-CMI-MDW2.611  1.02.6   2.6$370.50X-Country, pilotage, dead reckoning, flight following -- With Ryan
04/30/07C172NN739AGMDW-PNT-MDW2.2 3  2.22.2   2.2$360.36Night XC to PNT -- With Ryan
05/08/07C172NN739AGMDW-IGQ0.51        0.5$289.71Flight to IGQ for solo -- With Ryan
05/08/07C172NN739AGIGQ-IGQ1.010     1.01.0   (Second First) Solo - T/O and Landings
05/08/07C172NN739AGIGQ-MDW0.5 1  0.5    0.5 Flight to MDW from solo -- With Ryan
06/03/07C172NN737MEMDW-LOT0.61        0.6 Flight to LOT for solo -- With Ryan
06/03/07C172NN737MELOT-LOT1.510     1.51.5  $395.88Solo t/o landings, solo flight to practice area (landings getting better again)
06/03/07C172NN737MELOT-MDW0.51        0.5 Flight to MDW from solo -- With Ryan
06/15/07C172NN739AGMDW-LOT0.51        0.5 Flight to LOT for solo -- With Ryan
06/15/07C172NN739AGLOT-LOT1.52     1.51.5  $364.97Solo, Practice Area
06/15/07C172NN739AGLOT-MDW0.51        0.5 Flight to MDW from solo -- With Ryan
06/30/07C172NN739AGMDW-IGQ0.51        0.5 Flight to IGQ for X-Country Solo -- With Ryan
06/30/07C172NN739AGIGQ-DNV-IGQ2.12  $398.78Solo X-Country
06/30/07C172NN739AGIGQ-MDW0.51        0.5 Flight to MDW from solo -- With Ryan
07/01/07C172NN739AGMDW-MDW2.21        2.2$385.25Steep turns, slow flight, stalls, S-turns, turns around a point, simulated engine failure -- With Ryan
07/22/07C172NN737MEMDW-IGQ-MDW0.52        0.5 Flight to/from IGQ for Long Solo XC -- With Dennis
07/22/07C172NN737MEIGQ-CMI-IKK-IGQ3.63  $564.53Long Solo XC
20 1 3 14 27.2 62 5 0.0 0.2 3.7 10.5 9.7 9.7 0.0 17.5 4151.7  
35 1 4 22 52.7 122 26 0.0 1.1 8.6 12.3 10.2 10.2 0.0 42.5 7939.4  

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