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20 Most Recent Logbook Entries:
Date Type Ident Route Flight Day
Night Cross
Solo PIC Dual Instructor High
Complex Glass
Ellie Tailwheel Glider Check tach fuel Remarks
06/08/11C172GN3989LFHR-BLI-FHR1.22     1.2     1.2     Eagle flight to drop 2 pax plus Ellie as ride along
06/08/11C172GN3989LFHR-09S-FHR1.22     1.2           Lunch with Fred Ellis and his sone Graham
06/08/11C172GN3989LFHR-BLI-FHR1.22    0.61.2           Return Eagle flight to fetch two pax
06/09/11C172GN3989LFHR-BVS-BFI-OKH-BVS-FHR2.55           drop Megan Dethier at Skagit, University fro meeting, back to get gas tehn pick up Megan
06/10/11C172GN3989LFHR-BFI-FHR1.22     1.2     1.2     to midwife with Sharalyn and Ellie
06/11/11C172GN3989LFHR-BFI-FHR1.82           Down to graduation
06/14/11C172GN3989LFHR-BLI-FHR1.22     1.2     1.2     Eagle flight to drop 2 pax plus Ellie as ride along
06/17/11C172GN3989LFHR-BLI-BFI-FHR2.63           drop an Eagle flight patient and pick up Marsha
06/21/11BE36GN6464AFHR-0s9-FHR1.02     1.01.0 1.01.0       Terry Dial came from Missoula with Art Dykstra. Terry let Art and I do the run over to JeffCo and back
06/24/11C172GN3989LFHR-BLI-FHR1.22     1.2     1.2     Midwife trip with Sharalyn, Ellie and Marsha
06/25/11C172GN3989LFHR-BFI-OKH-BLI-FHR2.64   2.6 2.6           Car repositioning. Took Justin down to fetch the ford and bring it to Bellingham for the birth
06/26/11C172GN3989LFHR-BFI-FHR1.82           Pick up Colin and Dexter at BFI!!
06/28/11C172GN3989LFHR-Lopez-ORS-FHR1.03     1.0           just a fun hop with Colin
07/01/11C172GN3989LFHR-BFI-OKH-FHR2.13   2.1 2.1           Return Colin and Dexter to BFI
07/04/11C172GN3989LFHR-FHR0.71     0.7           sightseeing with Rita Miller's folks.
07/05/11C172GN3989LFHR-FHR0.21    0.20.2           dry off plane after washing
07/06/11C172GN3989LFHR-BFI-FHR1.82           down to Wings Aloft for training
07/06/11C206GN6125UBFI-BLI-FHR-BFI2.13   2.1 2.12.1  2.1       high performance endorsement flight with Tom Akers
07/08/11C172GN3989LFHR-BLI-FHR1.22     1.2     1.2     Midwife with Sharalyn, Ellie and Marsha
07/15/11C172GN3989LFHR-BLI-FHR1.22     1.2     1.2     Midwife with Sharalyn, Ellie and Marsha
20 3 3 11 29.8 47 0 0.0 0.0 17.3 8.1 29.8 3.1   1.0 3.1   7.2            
442 30 49 204 673.2 930 95 10.2 59.8 412.8 147.3 572.6 82.9 60 5.2 8.0 77.2 58.2 6.9 2.5 15   16  

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